Natural Sound Packages

These are the pieces I’ve created for the news videography course I took with Bethany Swain. “Natural sound packages” simply means that there’s no narration over the piece.

Project: The premise of this assignment was to do a “silent story” on an interesting individual within Merrill College of Journalism, with the best pieces to be featured by the college on giving day.

Maris and I chose to follow Daniel Oyefusi as he covered the Maryland state legislature.

Partner: Maris Medina


First, meet Daniel Oyefusi. He’s reporting in the Maryland State House this semester for @CNSmd. (Produced by Maris Medina ’20 & Lancelot Lin ’21)

For more info and to donate, visit #MerrillGives— Merrill College @ Maryland (@merrillcollege) March 6, 2019

A Walk with Denise from Susannah Outhier on Vimeo.

Denise McHugh, the coordinator at the Memorial Chapel, talks about the power she finds in mindfulness and connecting with nature.

Project: This was the first full natural sound piece, with the assignment being a simple profile.

Susannah and I spoke to Denise McHugh about how the chapel’s meditation labrynth works.

Partner: Susannah Outhier

Project: The final project for this course was more open-ended. Our piece was one of a few about programs put on by Harford County’s therapeutic recreation program.

Joel and I went and shot an Easter egg hunt where the eggs make noise to allow visually-impaired children to participate.

Partner: Joel Ang

The beeping Easter eggs of Harford County from Lancelot Lin on Vimeo.

This is the first beeping Easter Egg hunt put on by Harford County. It's designed for visually impaired children to take part in, but other children can also experience it using a blindfold.