CNN Digital Video

Here is a collection of the videos I produced while an intern with CNN’s digital video department. Unless noted otherwise, I wrote and edited each piece; I’ve also linked the original stories for videos that were based on/accompanied written text articles.

Boy accidentally wins 10K race

(Oct 1, 2019) A Minnesota boy came out ahead of several adults despite running a race that was twice as long as he signed up for.

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Giant cannabis farm hidden behind shower wall

(Oct 3, 2019) Italian police found 500 marijuana plants after opening this door hidden behind shower tile.

A look back at Justin Bieber’s most memorable moments [2019]

(Oct 8, 2019) Teenage singer turned global pop star Justin Bieber has spent a decade in the spotlight, for better or for worse.

Videos from cruise show passengers demanding refunds (EDIT ONLY)

(Oct 10, 2019) Passengers on a Norwegian Cruise Line trip started a protest after multiple port calls were cancelled because of weather

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Watch Harry Styles’ first music video in 2 years

(Oct 11, 2019) British singer Harry Styles marks his return to music with a psychedelic video for his new single “Lights Up.”

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See NASA’s new spacesuits for the moon and beyond

(Oct 15, 2019) NASA is showing off the newly designed spacesuits astronauts will wear during the agency’s mission to the moon.

Trump and Pelosi’s relationship wasn’t always this bad

(Oct 29, 2019) Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump sounded cautiously optimistic in early 2019 but the Speaker of the House has now become Trump’s most prominent opponent.


Meet the puppy found after the Baghdadi raid

(Nov 1, 2019) A Syrian photojournalist found an abandoned puppy in the ruins of Baghdadi’s compound and decided to take him in.

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Meet the student driving 200+ miles for Krispy Kreme (EDIT ONLY)

(Nov 5, 2019) Minnesota college student Jayson Gonzalez drove hundreds of miles every weekend, bringing home Krispy Kreme donuts to resell. After being briefly shut down, he’s now working directly with the company.

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‘The Masked Singer’ reveals celeb behind the penguin mask

(Nov 7, 2019) A former host of “The View” sang as Penguin on Fox’s “The Masked Singer.”

These are the worst US storms in history (FOOTAGE RESEARCH & EDIT)

(Nov 26, 2019) From snowstorms to tornadoes, here’s a look back at the worst storms in US history.

See these newborns become characters from ‘Frozen’

(Nov 22, 2019) To mark the release of Disney’s “Frozen 2,” a Kansas hospital dressed newborns up as the animated film’s main characters Olaf, Anna and Elsa.

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Fly high over this untouched goldmine in Alaska

(Nov 30, 2019) Take flight over the peaks and rivers of Bristol Bay, the watershed in southwestern Alaska hiding $500 billion worth of gold and copper.

Meet the quarterback leading LSU’s charge against Georgia (EDIT ONLY)

(Dec 6, 2019) No. 2 LSU will face No. 4 Georgia in the SEC championships this weekend. CNN’s Coy Wire highlights Joe Burrow, the quarterback who’s looking to lead the Tigers to victory in this key playoffs match.

See man rescue dog after its leash got stuck in elevator

(Dec 11, 2019) Security footage shows a Texas man leap into action and save his neighbor’s Pomeranian after its leash got caught in elevator doors.

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Watch the new trailer for “In the Heights”

(Dec 12, 2019) The movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “In the Heights” just dropped its first trailer. The film will release in Summer 2020.

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Ohio family brings Griswolds’ Christmas house to life

(Dec 13, 2019) For the past seven years, Greg Osterland has decorated his Ohio home with 25,000 lights. His goal? A real life version of the Griswolds’ creation in the classic movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

Passenger video shows flaming engine on United flight

(Dec 16, 2019) A United Airlines passenger heading to Chicago captured video of a flaming engine before the flight diverted to New Mexico.

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This is the world’s smallest gingerbread house

(Dec 19, 2019) At less than a hair’s width, Canadian researcher Travis Casagrande’s creation is 20,000 times smaller than normal gingerbread houses.

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