Live newscast production

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had thus far was getting to dive head-first into the world of live newscast production with Capital News Service, the flagship program at the Merrill College of Journalism. From starting out as a camera operator and now running the volunteer-based production crew, it’s spawned a new hobby that I’ve also been able to find outside applications for. 

Outside of managing studio operations, directing and technical directing, I also handle some of the graphics work for the show. CNS moved to a new studio in Spring 2020, so I worked to build a new animated logo as well as transition the main assets from a red aesthetic to a blue one. Occasionally, I also build show elements such as weather forecasts or information screens.

If I had to guess, I’ve probably been a part of about a hundred shows as of 2020, so I’m just including the ones from Fall 2019 onwards I directed.

Highlighting the November 20, 2019 show I directed in particular — it won 3rd at the BEA Festival of Media Arts newscast category earlier in 2020.

As director, my job is to guide the production of the show at large, coordinating with reporters, producers and our crew beforethe show to make sure everyone knows every action they’ll need to take. During the show, I call for the individualk movements and shots communicated on the rundown.
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