Side Project Photography

I usually bring my camera when I go somewhere fun. Besides being a good exercise in composition and post-processing for me, I’ve found it really gratifying to share my photos with others. (I wrote a blog post on why that is here!)

You can check out some of my recent photosets here:

NYC (2020/Sony a7III)

NYC 2020

MD Renaissance Festival (2019/Sony a7III)

Renaissance Festival

Japan (2019/Sony a7III)


Taiwan (2019/Sony a7III & DJI Osmo Pocket)

Taiwan 2019

NYC & Philly (May 2018/Nikon 1 J1):

NYC & Philly 2018

DC Cherry Blossoms (March 2018/Nikon 1 J1):
DC Cherry Blossoms 2018

Downtown Chicago (January 2018/Sony a3000):
Chicago 2018

Washington Zoo (August 2017/Nikon 1 J1)
Washington Zoo

Taiwan (Summer 2017/Nikon 1 J1)
Taiwan 2017