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I’ve long been a fan of (and inspired by) the tech videos made by MKBHD and The Verge, among others, so I’ve taken a few shots of my own in making some. It’s a fairly time-intensive hobby, but something I definitely want to keep getting better at. Here are the two I’ve made so far:

Why These Camera Gadgets Still Make Sense – Snap Spectacles v2 & DJI Osmo Pocket mini-review

Phone cameras are getting better and better, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying standalone camera gadgets such as DJI’s Osmo Pocket and Snap’s second generation Spectacles, especially if you’re looking for that extra “wow” factor in your content.

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iPad Pro 2018: Apple is marketing this wrong

Apple strongly set the new iPad Pro up as a laptop replacement, but it’s time that users evaluate an entirely new use case for this class of device.

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