About me

I wrote the previous “about me” page little over two years ago, right as I wrapped up freshman year of college. It was a time when I didn’t really know what I was doing, nor was I certain on what I wanted to do, so I took the easy way out and wrote a literal biography.

But, things change. People learn, and people grow. A story of my life is no longer relevant to the “brand” (yes, I know, controversial word) I want to be presenting. So in typical Lance fashion, I’ve written a fresh one. If you still want to read the old one though, you can here.

At this point, I consider most of my work to revolve around a simple premise: how can I leverage technology to tell stories? If at the end of the day it’s about finding the particular set of problems to solve that makes me happy and fulfilled, that would be it. 

I’ve always loved the process of creating, spending a lot of my free time messing around with cameras and editing software. It was really a no brainer that I found myself studying broadcast journalism in college.

The past three years I’ve spent at the University of Maryland have largely been spent exploring all the various facets of how technology is used in news. Within the more traditional definition, I’ve produced journalistic works in both video and photo formats. But, I’ve also gotten involved in the different ways tech is used to enhance stories from my talented colleagues. On the graphic design front, I’ve led the layout teams for multiple publications. With animation, I’ve spent time building up my After Effects toolkit to add some visual flair to stories, or create entirely new pieces. Lastly, I’ve dipped my toes into something previously unknown to me, working my way up to eventually manage the technical production staff of our college’s live newscast.

Outside of “official” work, I’ve also continued exploring my hobbies of (non-journalistic) photography and music. 

Technology moves fast, as do the trends of what others are doing to leverage the tools at their disposal. I’ve relished the challenge of learning ways to emulate what professionals are injecting into their craft, or finding new innovative techniques of my own. It’s a truly rewarding feeling to step back, look at a product, and be able to say “I made this.”

Having said that, I ultimately believe my work should be able to stand for itself. One of the big purposes behind the recent site overhaul was to blur the line between what I considered my “work” and other “side projects.” I’m at a point where I feel confident enough to stand equally behind all the mediums I work in. I’m also trying to shift to a big-picture of growth as opposed to raw results, something I’ve tried to reflect in the new tagline, “Multimedia Project.”

Please enjoy your stroll through my website, and feel free to give me a shout if you’d like to know more about what I do, or if you have a project you think my skills would benefit.


You can click here for my resume, and here for a more technical “about this website.”