About this site

Here’s the list of things I think you should know about this site (updated 6/17/2020):

  1. This website uses cookies, which are small blocks of code used to help remember your visit(s). I only have them so Google Analytics can give me better insight on how my site and content are doing.  By using this website, you consent to receiving these cookies. You can read more about how Google handles your data here.
  2. You might notice an icon on the bottom right that looks like three arrows going in a circle. That’s because this site uses reCaptcha, another service from Google that prevents spam and bots by checking how you interact with this site. You can read Google’s privacy policy here and their terms of service here.
  3. Most of my multimedia content is hosted on external sites (SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Issuu, to name a few). This is because dedicated services handle things like PDFs, video and audio better than WordPress does natively. If you click on a piece of content and it takes you to a new site, that means that you are leaving my site, and will be subject to the T&C of the external site.
  4. This website is hosted by TMD Hosting, using the WordPress.org Content Management System (CMS). However, if something on my site seems to be broken or not working correctly, please see the contact page to let ME know.
  5. As noted in the footer, the current site theme is “Bold Photography” by Catch Themes, but I’ve also layered some custom CSS on top, meaning some things will look different should you install it for yourself. Huge thanks to Sam Lin for his patience in helping me figure out this black magic.
  6. The “Multimedia Project” tagline originated from my friend Maryn, and she was kind enough to give me permission to use it here. At this point, I think “multimedia” is a more accurate word to describe the myriad of things I’ve been working on, and “project” stands as a nod to the eternal work-in-progress-ness of life.
  7. The cover photo was taken by another friend, Susannah Outhier. You can check out more of her work here.
  8. Occasionally I write blogs or post videos that are tech reviews. Just for full disclosure, they’ve all been purchased by me for personal use. No one’s paid for a review, nor was I provided anything free to review.